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What is Microneedling?

Microneedle treatment is a natural alternative to injectable toxins or dermal fillers using the Acumicro Pen™ to remodel and rejuvenate the skin for a firm and radiant appearance. Also known as Collagen Therapy, it is a safe an effective way to reduce wrinkles. scarring, acne, hair loss, hyperpigmentation and sagging skin without surgery, fillers or injections.

My approach is unique in that it is HOLISTIC! Your treatment is not just using microneedling to stimulate collagen, we address root cause and include LED light therapy, custom, organic serums during and after microneedling and in some cases acupuncture and herbs. It is not just about your skin on the surface, but ensuring the health of the whole body for a better, longer lasting result.

The premise is simple - create a microscopic puncture with the Acumicro Pen and it quickly and painlessly creates hundreds of micro channels in the skin which increases collagen and elastin and allows the topical organic serums to be absorbed by up to 1000% into the skin. A gentle oscillating pen is used to trigger natural skin renewal while infusing natural holistic serums into sub-epidermal layers. 

Serums used in our office are inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and are clinically proven to lift, firm, brighten and de-puff the skin.

A Microneedling treatment is a one- hour session using an Acumicro Pen™ with a sterile 16 needle cartridge.  A soothing hyaluronic gel is applied to the skin which stimulates and provides nutrients for collagen induction. Additional serums may be added depending on the individual.


Microneedling can be done as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture. You may see a change with just 1 Microneedling session and results typically take 2-3 weeks to be noticeable. Optimal results are obtained with 1 treatment per month for 3-6 months with results lasting up to 5 years!

Microneedling treatments should be spaced out by 4-6 weeks to allow time for the skin to heal and repair in between.

Microneedling can address problem areas other cosmetic procedures can't, such as back of the hand, decolletage and sagging skin under chin and neck.


Microneedling - 1 hour session - $450 - June 2024 discount *(regular price $600)

Microneedling whole face, neck, decolletage, backs of hands. (includes custom serums, hyaluronic acid, red light therapy before and after and cooling aloe mask.)

If your skin care concerns include deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks or deep acne scars, then micro-needling would be the treatment for you. Recommended 6 sessions @ 1x/month. Microneedling allows up 1000% product absorption. 


​​Pack of 6 Microneedling - $2400 - June discount *(regular price $3600)

(includes hyaluronic acid, red light therapy before and after and cooling aloe mask.)


Acne Package $2700 -  6 Micro-needling sessions. Includes microneedling, acupuncture, custom serums and blue and yellow acne light therapy.

Hair Regrowth Package - $2700 -  6 scalp micro-needling treatments. + red light scalp therapy, custom serums and herbal regrowth formula. 

Add-on any serum - $100.

LED light therapy$75 - 20 minutes. We offer LED as a stand alone session using red LED for inflammation and collagen induction, blue and yellow LED for acne, or you can get all three.


Before Microneedling-chin acne scars, rosacea


After Treatment #2




Day after Microneedling #1


1 week post microneedling for acne


All serums used in your treatments are organic, lab tested and made from Chinese herbs and plant-based substances. Free of any harmful chemicals.

Apple Stem Cells (APSTEM)

The stem cells of the famous Uttwiller Spätlauber trees of Switzerland

Scientists at Mibelle Biochemistry - Their first in-house study on cell viability showethat, at a concentration of only 0.1%, an extract of Uttwiller Spätlauber stem cells stimulated the proliferation of human stem cells by an astounding 80%.


Hyaluronic Acid-

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is considered the chief & envoy in TCM Microneedling. It is the base for all topical formulas for the treatment. Hyaluronic Acid is a substance found naturally in our skin that holds water and helps keep it hydrated and plump.

The molecule holds a thousand times its weight in water to not only retain all that moisture in our skin, but also prevent all that moisture from evaporating into the air, according to Dr. Lily Talakoub, a dermatologist at the McLean Dermatology and Skincare


Lumos - Age Spot Remover

  • Clears melanin pigmentation from the skin. Gets Rid Of Age Spots and melasma. Acts on diverse stages of melanin deposition and production in the skin to improve luminosity and decrease visibility of hyper-pigmented areas to balance out the skin

CollagenXG+(Shitaake mushroom)

Natural Collagen & Elastin Builder

  • Promotes firmer of skin

  • Boosts the synthesis of collagen

  • Reduces the deterioration of collagen

  • Improves the quality of collagen
    Prevents the degradation of matrix proteins, like collagen and elastin

  • Behaves as an anti-oxidant

  • Improves the structure, organization, and quality of collagen, all of which are associated with a firmer, smoother complexion.


  • Promotes movement of blood and interstitial fluid. Treats eye bags, dark circles and puffiness. Used with nanoneedling.


  • Can help cells regain their ability to grow and divide. best for mature, older and thinner skin. 

  • An anti-aging skin care ingredient from Spain, is made from orange stem cells and works by organizing the inner structure of the skin for a younger appearance. In facial formulations, it organizes and redensifies the dermis structure, repairs the extracellular matrix, and improves cellular adhesion.

  • Stem cells are undifferentiated cells found in all multi-cellular organisms. In plants, stem cells are capable of regenerating the entire plant. The stem cells used are sourced from renewable plant material in a sustainable and ecologica process, without genetic modifications or solvents.


Rejuv Aftercare

  • Great for reducing acne.Can help speed the healing process and remove toxicity.



Elastin FL+

  • Natural Collagen & Elastin Builder. Best for acne and greasy skin.

  • Elastin FL+™ is a multi-purposed active component that builds skin thickness, microcirculation, and radiance. And, it lessens the appearance of wrinkles characteristic of aging.

  • It is best for menopause or mature skin.
    " Fu Ling is a celebrated fungus in traditional medicine of Asia, where it is used as an antioxidant and purifying and softening agent. The part used in Elastin FL+® is the sclerocia (mycelium), which is rich in triterpenes and polysacchrides (pachyman).

  • During menopause and aging, expression of hyaluronic acid diminishes, leading to reduced skin firmness and thickness, and cell renewal.

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