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Copley Acupuncture offers thousands of supplements through Fullscript. If you are looking for a particular supplement you may browse our Fullscript account or email the office and we will assist you.


You may also browse our recommendations on the Fullscript site. We have protocols for male and female fertility and are working on many more. Just set up an account by clicking the SHOP link below and you can order with direct shipping to your home. 

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Marcy White is an experienced practitioner who uses low-level laser therapy to treat various conditions. She has been employing these devices in her office for over 15 years under the mentorship of Dr. Margaret Naeser of Boston University School of Medicine and the Boston VA. She uses Vielight products for concussions, cognition and memory, immune support and vagus nerve stimulation. The new Vielight Vagus device is a wonderful way to passively treat yourself at home.


She offers in-office and virtual consultations to teach others how to use Vielight products, which are designed for home use. offers a 10% discount on any device with the code Copleyacupuncture at checkout.

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